Camera and easyCAP usb

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Camera troubles

I’m setting up a calibration platform for particle sensors, and I need a camera to capture the data from the Dylos sensor, because it only outputs data over serial once per minute, and I need once per second. So I need to capture an image of the number output on the display, process it and extract the data. Unfortunately, I don’t have any webcams lying around the house, and I’m not about to go spend $20 for one when I have another camera here. It’s a small camera, probably the same as in your laptop and webcams. (I was going to use it as a remote security webcam, but then I found out it’s much harder to interface a camera with a microcontroller than I thought.) So I hooked it up to an easyCAP I have with a patch cable, and tried to interface it with Python on a Windows laptop, which became very difficult. Eventually, I was able to get it working with this tip. The steps I had to take to get it working were:

The cd that came with easyCAP is here if anyone needs it.

With linux, this is easier because you can call mplayer with subprocess.

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